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Residence Building in Bilbao
May 2021
Bilbao City Lab was born as an initiative of the ETSAUN interested in Bilbao and its area of influence as a work environment for practical activities that take place throughout Architecture studies. The singularity and complexity of the capital of Biscay and its region allow this conurbation to be considered as a laboratory and case study at different scales and from various subjects (urban planning, architecture, landscape, design or history). Consequently, the organization of projects of mutual interest has been agreed with the Bilbao City Council, in order to provide each course with real places and programs with which to develop proposals of interest to citizens.
Both statements and results are publicly exposed through the map and the digital blog of the School of Architecture. The objective is to share academic solutions with society to jointly face the challenges of the growth of the city and the contemporary human habitat.
Integrated in one of the plots of the area developed by the Advancement of the General Urban Planning Plan in the urban area of Elorrieta, the project develops a statement of collective housing exploring new housing modes, alternative domestic uses and complementary functions that can be included in residential buildings contemporaries.